Saturday, August 6, 2016

Why does State Rep. Christine Sinicki have a primary?

It's an honor to announce the very first candidate that "Iron Stache" has chosen to endorse (ever) is State Rep. Christine Sinicki.

For anyone remotely involved with Wisconsin politics - especially since the incursion of the extreme Banana Republican extremists - the name Chrsitine Sinicki is well known.

For starters, I live in a gerrymandered assembly district that has Tom Weatherston seated, and unaccountable to anyone.

Just over one year ago, I had trouble connecting with a state agency. (Unemployment) Calls are never returned from Weatherston, so I posted something about it on Facebook. Rep. Sinicki sent me a private message informing me to call her office with details.

I did.

Within hours, I received a call from the Dept. of Workforce Development.

Mission accomplished.

All that it took was a call from someone who cared in order to get things moving.

Christine Sinicki has been a "regular" at events involving Labor and Veterans - both are Causes very near to my heart. I consider her my "adoptive state rep". (I am not the only one)

After the Republican state senate cut short listening to peoples' testimony for fear of a "credible threat" taking place. (turned out to be a peaceful "sit-in" asking to keep testimony open until everyone could be heard) she contacted me as one who sits on the Assembly Labor Committee and promised to allow me to testify before that body. I did, and, was able to be heard. I will be forever grateful for that.

I'm not sure why she has an opponent who claims to be in support of everything that she has been supporting since she has been elected, but, I do know one of the people who is pushing the issue.
It's a person who does political work for a union who has some kind of issue with Rep. Sinicki cancelling an event. (after all of the other attendees has agreed not to attend as well)

The kicker? Even this clown's union that he gets paid to work for has come out in strong support of Sinicki!

Want to get kicked again? The opponent - Julie Meyers - belongs to a union. Even her union has endorsed Rep. Sinicki!

Why is every union who stood against Scott Walker since he "dropped the bomb" supporting Rep. Sinicki? The answer is very simple. She has a 100% AFL-CIO rating.

Blogging Blue found an interesting item regarding where Meyers gets the money to run her campaign.

None of it makes sense to me. Truth be told, I have not met Mrs. Meyers, but, I was recently shown a video, and, I now feel like I at least understand her husband.
It would appear that he likes to try to settle issues with his fists.

Between having this guy trying to goad people into "jumping if you feel froggy" and a campaign funded by a Temp Agency exec who regularly donated to the extreme Wisconsin Banana Republicans, I know where I'd put my support - solidly alongside Rep Christine Sinicki.

Please also check out an excellent piece from Capper at CogDis.

Blogging Blue has a terrific take as well.

Aside from choosing an incumbent over one of those "fake Dems", I don't believe that I have ever felt as strongly about a primary as this one.

This Tuesday - please tell anyone you care about who lives in Wisconsin's 20th Assembly District to make sure they show up at the polls and vote for Christine.

Wisconsin thanks you!

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that this isn't the first time Mr. Meyers has been involved with harassment.

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  1. Randy, thanks for posting this. It's unfortunate that what appears to be a personal vendetta on the part of Dennis Hughes against Rep. Sinicki has boiled over into her Assembly race. Obviously I'm biased given my strong support for Rep. Sinicki, but I think she's been a strong advocate for her district, and your story is just one of many I know of that's demonstrative of how helpful she has been to constituents and non-constituents alike.