Sunday, August 21, 2016

So, you wanna vote for Jill Stein?

Go ahead then. Vote for her.

I'll make you a deal. I won't try to bully you, or, belittle you into voting for Hillary Clinton. In return, you stop posting right-wing theories or accusations telling me that I'm a "neocon".

I get it. I really do. You're beyond disappointed that Bernie didn't win. You're convinced that he had the election stolen.

You want to make the U.S. a better place for all.

I do too. I don't honestly think that the Primary was stolen, but, I do think that there was a definite bias that favored Hillary. I'd like to think that what I've done shows what's important to me. I've seen you around, and, know that we do see eye-to-eye.

Here's an idea. Let's remember how we stood together in opposition to Governor Walker and everything that he did to Wisconsin. The only thing that has changed is that the Banana Republicans have become more entrenched through use of voter suppression, creating WEDC, trying to break down unions, make it easier to use bribery to influence elections, and probably the worst thing done - gerrymandering of our districts.

Let me ask you how the Presidential election will affect what we stood next to each other in opposition to.

If Trump wins, Wisconsin will get exported to every other state. I don't think that there's any doubt about that. We can kiss the Supreme Court adios, and, for most of you reading this who have been paying attention to how a Supreme Court can affect legislation - as it did in Wisconsin - you understand what that will bring.

Right to Work for Less will be making it's way to the SCOTUS. How do you think Trump appointed justices will decide? (and remember - they are selected for life)

It's not too difficult to see why I have no hesitation with who I will be casting my vote. All that one needs to do is look at Trump.

Now, I'm pretty sure that Trump is so horrible that Hillary wins it. By a lot.

Let's fast forward to the presidential election in 2020. What do you think that will look like? Can we afford to let the Banana Republicans become entrenched throughout the country as they have in Wisconsin?

With a Hillary victory, it's going to create a backlash that will make what Obama has faced seem like nothing.

That's why I'm writing this. We need each other to make things how they need to be. I've stopped posting negative things about Jill Stein not because I don't believe them, but, because I want to work with Stein supporters to create change.

Locally we have huge issues that don't have a chance to be addressed while we decide who is best to beat Trump.

We can all agree that we can't afford Trump just like we all agreed that we need to remove Walker.
Let's keep working on removing Walker and the rest of the Banana Republicans. There will be more than one name that we can agree on on the November ballot. Let's get them elected.

Let's keep the pressure on the Democratic Party to hear us. I'm listening, and, I'm talking. We have friends in the house. No need to throw eggs at it - we are already inside. You're invited in as well.

Who you vote for is your choice. You also have another choice with how you wish to view those who you stood next to in the past.

The way I see it - there is only one enemy. No need to create more.


  1. Once again, it isn't that I need a Bernie Beanie. NO, Randy, you don't get it. HRC has already made two moves that unequivocally tell me that she is ready to screw us. She has picked two men to run with/work with in the White House that are FOR TPP and Fracking, just like her. Actions speak louder than empty campaign promises meant to get a vote. They will make my business MORE unstable and possibly put even more people out of work. She will pollute our water far more than Obama did (I voted for him tho he wasn’t my first choice) and mind you, it was Obama who did not have to sign the GOP bills but he is such a good-old-team corporate shill player that he went and allowed more drilling in unsafe waters and did nothing to change the meteoric rush of pollution that is heading to ward us. HRC loves fracking, loves Monsanto (just like Obama.) It really won't matter much who is a Supreme and whether or not a woman can have an abortion when the food and waters she is drinking are so polluted that she can't get pregnant or she just decides she better stop because of the birth defects. I mean really, come on. YOU people don't want to hear that those of us who happened to support Bernie have NO ONE TO VOTE FOR not because it isn't Bernie but because the DNC is a corporate shill who promoted their corporate candidate and HRC is against EVERYTHING that I want -- except she isn't a bigot (that we know of). Trump is a freak show. HRC is Nixon paid for by the corporations, and because she is a DEM all the gems are willing to pretend that this is not going on. I am sick of the articles that start with Bernie bro (you were polite but) then do not even apologize for the other stuff. IF you vote for HRC then do NOT tell me ever how you want to stop fracking, label GMO's, lower the pesticides that are causing problems in our oceans and waters, slow global warming, etc. etc. Oh, and yup, don't even talk to me about how the GOP is screwing over people in elections. Because that smiling face and her sister Deb -- who she appointed for her good work in supporting Pay Day Loan banking (OOOH, that’s right, HRC cares so much about the poor) and election fraud -- screwed us better than Nixon. I am OVER Bernie. I just don't want to vote for either of them, and think they are both VERY bad. Either way, we are going to get screwed for the next four years. If HRC wins. make that eight, because she'll steal another round. How about a think piece about how the DNC needs to won up and be prosecuted for what the hell it pulled? What she pulled? Sorry, corporate takeover of our election is the enemy — and maybe that isn’t you — except that you support their candidate and want to shame those of us that would prefer a democracy in some crazy form. We can’t afford either of them. And we are going to get one of them.

    1. I would suggest reading what is written before making a comment. (although you are very free to do it the other way around)

    2. He did read it, actually. That's why he told you you're not getting the point. The Democrats are a fascist party; they support perpetual war, 60% of our tax money going towards war, mass surveillance laws that violate the Constitution, and the criminalization of blacks and antiwar protesters by making nonviolent drug use a crime... and you think we can change them because "we have friends in the house"? If you think Trump is the only enemy, and that we must compromise and work with pro-war, pro-corporate, pro-police Democrats like Feinstein, Clinton and Pelosi, you are not the person most fit to stand up for the interests of your constituents.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Yes,the primary was stolen. She was a horrible candidate and they forced her on us.

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